Adult Tennis

The Wembley club offers the best experience for both seasoned tennis players as well as beginners who are setting out on a tennis adventure.

Are you looking to improve your game? Does your backhand return needs a little more power? Do you need to master your kick serve? Personalized one-on-one tennis instruction with one of our world class pros is sure to help.  There are also a number of group drills throughout the week for you to participate in to work on strategy and positioning for both Singles and Doubles games.

Would you like to learn to play tennis for the first time?  Are you an experienced player working to move up a USTA level?  Personalized tennis lessons with one of our fantastic pros can definitely help put you on the right path.  We also have some of the most popular group tennis lessons in Cleveland, with a schedule of instruction every day, and for all levels of play.

If you are looking for Tennis 1-2-3 (Tennis Start/Restart), we offer those programs for beginners and anyone returning to tennis.  We also have tennis lessons for all levels of play, from USTA 2.5 all the way to 5.0 and higher.

The Wembley Club is a proud member and supporter of the USTA Northeast Ohio. Visit the Northeast Ohio USTA League website provides a wealth of information for USTA players, including:

  • Captain's Information (letter to captains, captain's webinar links, team registration forms, etc.)
  • League Information (league calendar, days of play by leagues, important dates, new league information, etc.)
  • Championship Information (championship schedules, player forms, blank qualifier scorecard, qualifier brackets, etc.)
  • Player Information (creating a USTA account, USTA account login, team registration, etc.)
  • League Rules (Friend at Court-2019, tiebreak rules, district rules, midwest rules, and national rules)
At Wembley, we are especially good at integrating new members into tennis games, lessons, and USTA teams.  Our membership is extremely welcoming to new friends.  Tennis at Wembley is all around fantastic!