Swim Lessons

Wembley's Swim Lesson Program

The Wembley Club offers private, small group (3-4 max) and large group (6-8 max) swim lessons! Private Lessons and small group lessons are more flexible with dates and times and set up directly with a swim instructor.  These are available every day of the week!. Large group lessons are for the set dates and times for a specific 6 week sessions. Small group lesson placement is based upon demand and the swimmers' ability on a scale from Level 1 through Level 4. There must be at least 2 people to have a small group lesson.  Level descriptions are below:
  • Level I:  This is for the first time swimmer, or swimmer who is not comfortable around the water.  They do not put their faces in yet and need support to float.
  • Level II:  This level is for the first time swimmers that are more comfortable in and around the water.  They will put their faces in with ease and are ready to start moving!
  • Level III:  This is for the swimmer who is comfortable in the water and has been introduced to front crawl and backstroke.  Swimmers will continue to improve these two strokes and start to learn side stroke, elementary backstroke, and breaststroke.
  • Level IV:  This level is for more advanced swimmers who have a solid knowledge of front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke and are ready to learn butterfly.  Side stroke and elementary backstroke will also be taught and improved upon at this level.


  • Small Group (member) $150 for an 8 lesson pack
  • Small Group (non-member) $185 for an 8 lesson pack
  • Private (member) $120 for a 4 lesson pack OR $240 for an 8 lesson pack
  • Private (non-member) $160 for a 4 lesson pack OR $320 for an 8 lesson pack

Inquiries and Lesson Registration

Write in to swim@wembleyclub.com and our staff will be in touch shortly to schedule your lessons!